Whale Watching

If you’re searching for a Pacific holiday with a difference, a whale watching adventure in Niue could be just the answer. Every year between July and October Humpback Whales come to the Island to breed and raise their calves in Niue’s warm waters and sheltered bays and, as the water is so deep, they swim very close to the island. These gentle giants can be viewed from the land at dedicated viewing areas, where their gymnastics provide a spectacular show, sometimes only 20 metres from shore. At night, you can sometimes hear the whales slapping their giant fins against the water and you may even hear their calls, which makes Niue a unique travel destination.

For a truly memorable experience you can also swim with the Humpback whales in Niue – a fantastic experience that you’ll never forget! Niue is one of only three places in the world where you can swim with whales, though whale interactions are very dependent on whales being within range, settled, and the weather conditions being safe. Niue is a signatory to the South Pacific Whale Sanctuary and fully supports the conservation of whales, so all interactions are conducted from a distance that respects their privacy and your safety. Whale watching trips and in- water whale interactions must be booked with a tour operator.