About Niue

Niue is a unique, Pacific Island paradise and one of the largest, raised, coral atolls in the world. Located in the centre of a triangle of Polynesian islands made up of Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Islands, it’s also one of the smallest countries in the world. It has a perfect tropical climate with beautiful warm days and a pleasant drop in temperature at night, all year round.

There are lots of activities in Niue, from guided reef walks to diving, fishing and drive tours. The coastline of the island is said to possess the most extensive cave system in the entire South Pacific, which plays an important part in the island’s history and traditions. Definitely worth a look, many of these can be explored on your own, or with one of the guided tours available. Niue is also one of the few places in the world where you can swim with the whales (under supervision).

Fishing media describe the fishing in Niue as legendary – it only takes a few minutes by boat to reach very, very deep water, and once you get there you’re guaranteed to catch a big one. And with Niue’s incredibly crystal clear water, and the multitude of caverns, caves, chasms and reefs to explore, snorkelling and/or diving is a must. Due to the limestone composition of the island, there are no lakes or streams and no sediment in the water, ranking it among the cleanest in the world, with visibility up to 75 metres.

The island’s Local Market is a great place to visit and purchase your own locally grown fruits and vegetables. If you’re lucky you might even find your own “Unga” (coconut crab), but you should be up early if you want one of these! The market is also a great place to see (and buy) a range of Niue’s extraordinary woven arts and souvenirs, and while you’re in the market you must try their local delights.

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