Diving / Snorkeling

Niue’s isolated location and lack of rivers means it is surrounded by crystal clear water, and divers are frequently amazed to find visibility up to 75 metres. Below the island lie intriguing dive-throughs, chasms, caves and cathedrals that make taking to the water a must in Niue. You can swim with the dolphins, sea turtles and sea snakes, see the amazing and colourful hard corals, and you may even get the biggest thrill of all by encountering the whales! And, of course, Niue is a true underwater photographers dream. Whether you are a regular visitor to the underwater world or just starting out, diving in Niue will be unforgettable.

For those with less underwater exploration experience there are always snorkelling tours to enjoy. Awesome snorkelling spots in Niue are so easy to find with its pristine water, stunning corals, beautiful fish, lots of friendly sea snakes and its amazing geological features – caves and huge natural rock pools and arches. The reef pools at Hio Beach and Alofi’s Utuko reefs are the safest spots for beginners to explore the colourful variety of marine life found in Niue’s waters. Matapa’s two huge natural pools at low tide and Snake Gully are two more of the popular island snorkelling spots.