Niue has four main stores that between them offer an extensive range of groceries and fresh & frozen food, so if you run out of sunscreen or have a craving for a hot pie, you’re sorted.

Swanson Supermarket carries all the essentials you’d expect to find in a supermarket, from frozen meals and canned goods to fresh produce, dairy products, soft drinks and more. There is an excellent range of hair and skin products, as well as essential pain relief, mozzie spray and sunscreen, and it also sells local produce on behalf of the growers.

Double M sells fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, cold drinks and dry goods, with specials running every Tuesday and Friday.

Moko’s Central Mart stocks the basic essentials ranging from groceries, body products and baby products, to fresh local and imported fruit and vegetables. It also offers fresh bread from Monday to Friday.

Central Services also offers the basic essentials, as well as cold drinks, hot pies, fresh bread and other baked goods. Locally grown fruits and vegetables are also available at times.

Please note: Credit and debit cards are NOT widely accepted in these stores, so it’s important to have some cash on hand.